15 Ways Successful People Stay Productive And In Control

That famous quote by John Lennon hits close to home for some. "Life is What Happens to You While Your'e Busy Making Other Plans." Sometimes life gets in the way of what we really want to do. and those trillion moments of life sometimes take us down a different path. Whether emotional, circumstantial or situational, the end result is real. According to Dr. Travis Bradberry, Contributor for the Huffington Post and other experts, self control is the skill that unleashes massive productivity by keeping one focused and on track. Self control is related to productivity Because it helps achieve a goal. Following please find a few tips that can help increase productivity and stay in control....

  1. They forgive themselves.

  2. They don't say yes unless they really want to.

  3. They don't seek perfection.

  4. They focus on solutions.

  5. They avoid asking "what if?"

  6. They stay positive

  7. They eat.

  8. They sleep.

  9. They exercise.

  10. They meditate

  11. They ride the wave.

  12. They squash negative self talk.

  13. Delegate properly.

  14. Eliminate distractions.

  15. Be optimistic.

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