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Another unexpected hero

She has been a hairdresser for over forty years and mine for about thirty years. A friend, hairdresser, magician-when my hair was a mess and now, a hero. You see, she was diagnosed with breast and brain cancer five years ago. As she underwent all of the radiation, she still cut hair! While undergoing chemo, she still cut hair. Why did she do it?, I asked her. She likes to make people feel good and in the process, she feels good too, was her response. Today I went to see her, as usual, we had a few laughs as we caught up with news about friends and family. She looked great, I told her and she responded that she was done with most of her meds but will start another treatment soon. She explained how Doctors have now found cancer in her adrenal glands, that she did not know she had and more cancer was found in her back bones. She might be out of commission for awhile, she said, and sort of apologized for not being able to make a future appointment. Her passion for helping people look and feel better is big. She explained that the connection to her clients brings her energy, keeps her alive. Cheers to Maria Teresa and Cheers to the positive life energy that flows through every one of us and lifts us during this life journey. One love, IM

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