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Covid Gone but Effects Linger

According to the Mayo Clinic, some people continue to experience health problems long after having COVID-19. These ongoing health problems are sometimes called post-COVID conditions, long COVID-19, long-haul COVID-19, and post acute sequelae of SARS COV-2 infection (PASC). Post-Covid-19 syndrome involves a variety of new, returning or ongoing symptoms that people experience more than four weeks after getting COVID-19. In some people, post-COVID-19 syndrome lasts months or years or causes disability. What are some symptoms of post-COVID-19 syndrome? The most commonly reported symptoms of post-COVID-19 syndrome include: Fatigue; Symptoms that get worse after physical or mental effort; fever; lung (respiratory) symptoms, including difficulty breathing or shortness of breath and cough. Other possible symptoms include: Neurological symptoms or mental health conditions, including difficulty thinking or concentrating, headache, sleep problems, dizziness when you stand, pins-and-needles feeling, loss of smell and taste, and depression or anxiety; joint or muscle pain; heart symptoms or conditions, including chest pain and fast or pounding heartbeat, digestive symptoms, including diarrhea and stomach pain; blood clots and other symptoms such as a rash and changes in the menstrual cycle.

If you or your loved ones have been affected by COVID, we wish you a speedy recovery.

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