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Not a two for one deal.

While working a flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York to Los Angeles, California, the crew discussed what they would do on the 24 layover. The four crew members came from diverse backgrounds, with ages ranging from 25-65. The youngest Flight Attendant had a beautiful smile was calm and had a poised demeanor. She was a pleasure to work with, a real team player and the customers and crew truly enjoyed her presence. She was a shining light on the crew. She mentioned that she would visit her mother during the layover. "That is great, some family time," exclaimed another flight attendant. She responded that her mother was in a shelter for drug addicts and she was not sure if she would find her. How was it that she seemed so cool, poised and together? She responded that drugs are like the devil and they got her mother but it was not a 'two for one' deal. The drugs would not bring her down too. She would not allow it. Her mother and father were addicts and she chose not to follow in their foot steps.. She just knew that she wanted nothing nor no-one to have the ability to control her. That is priceless. Fast forward six years, her mother is clean and sober. Hope, faith and one love. IM

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