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From, Anita de Monte Laughs Last

Human will is a particularly powerful magic.  Alchemy happens when a person truly decides something; when a mind is changed.  We'd shared exchanges like this hundreds of times before, my husband and I. Tiny acts of violence enacted with words. Exchanges that had cut and left me bleeding, with my best stuff - confidence, clarity-pooling down, away from me, onto the floor.  But not that night.  No.  Because that day I had decided to reclaim my might; to cease to be shrunk.  And in my decision, I'd grown a new version of myself.  My new skin thick like coconut shells, impervious to his attempts to crack my joy.  My triumph at my accomplishments, my exultation with my own art, euphoria at this new power I'd discovered in simply deciding to change my mind.  All of it now in safekeeping, deep inside my new self.  I pulled from his embrace and turned to him, with a smile so genuine on my face and I said: ".........."

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Excerpt from: 
Anita de Monte Laughs Last
by Xochiti Gonzalez

"Unflinching and thought provoking." -People

"Unforgettable."  - Marie Claire

"Mesmerizing." - TIME


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Women's Health Spotlight

Below are some of the top health issues that women face in 2024.  

Recognize the warning signs and talk to your Doctor.  

Cheers to a healthier 2024!  

Movies about Inspiring Women

Powerful women have shaped our past and created a bright future for us all.   Below is a list of a few empowering, historical films that put powerful women in the forefront......

1) Frida

2) Selena

3) Erin Brockovich

4) Hidden Figures

5) What's Love Got to Do With It

6) Persepolis

7) Battle of the Sexes

8) The Young Victoria

9) Gorillas in the Mist

10) On the Basis of Sex

Dear Reader, 

Did you know that the Peacock Dance is a symbol of good luck, happiness, beauty and honesty.  It also signifies good wishes for a happy life.  

And that is what we wish for you.

Best, Ivonne

Thank you to all the courageous young ladies who speak out and take action for our world to be a better place.  Below is a partial list from Life Magazine,

Women Who Changed the World.


Isabel Allende, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, La Malinche, Marie Curie, Mata Hari, Margaret Singer, Helen Keller, Mary Cassatt. Jarroet Tubman, Ayn Rand, Amelia Earhart, Nina Simone, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Gloria Steinem, Billie Jean King, Aung San Suu Kyi, Hillary Rodham Conton, Amy Tan, Benazir Bhutto, Angela Merkel, Erin Brockovich, Dinan, Princess of Wales, Mary Barra, Michelle Obama, Taran Burke, Malala Yousafzai, Taylor Swift, Maya Angelou, Anne Frank, Toni Morrison, Julia  


Did you know....
Sally Ride was the first woman in space and the first gay astronaut. 

Sally Ride became the first woman in space on June 18, 1983, when she flew on the space shuttle Challenger.  It wasn't until her death that her obituary revealed she was. gay.

"Never limit yourself because of others' limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination."   Mae Jamison  

sally ride first woman in space.jpg

Luma Russo
Ms. Brazil

Miss Charm 2023

Question: Every morning when you wake up, what do you believe to be the meaning of your life? What are you living for?

If I had to sum it up in one word.  Freedom.  Freedom being, being able to travel where you want, meet who you want,  to do what you want .  Be the woman you were meant to be.  Follow your dreams. To be able to achieve the knowledge, not only academically but the knowledge of culture and emotional intelligence.  To be able to reach your full potential.

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Girl with Arms Stretched Out

According to, the definition of a 'gentlewoman' is 'a woman of good family, breeding or social position.'  Gentlewoman is also defined as 'a civilized, educated, sensitive, or well-mannered woman; lady.'  In all fairness or realistically, some of us may have all these qualities or maybe two or barely one.  No matter your background and In the name of inclusion, We welcome you. Thank you for reading.  This page is dedicated to celebrating everything woman.  If you have any ideas or stories, please drop a line, would love to hear from you.  

Ivonne @

One love.  IM

Emmy Meli - I Am Woman

Great things are done

by a series of small things brought together.  

Vincent Van Gogh

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