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Hearts with Lahaina

Our hearts are heavy with thoughts of the devastating wildfire in Lahaina. Did you know that Lele was the original, ancient Hawaiian name of Lahaina and was known for its breadfruit trees. According to legend, a bald chief living in the Valley was walking without a hat and cursed up at the hot sun. He key how deja o ka la hanna ("What an unmerciful sun"). The name Lahaina means "cruel or merciless sun." Lahaina was originally a small fishing village (Hawaiian: Cruel Sun) was chosen as the royal capital in 1820 by King Kamehameha II. It remained the capital until 1845, when Honolulu, on Oahu island, replaced it in that role. As of 2020 census, Lahaina had a resident population of 12,702. In the 19th century, Lahaina was the center of the global whaling industry, with many sailing ships anchoring at its waterfront. A banyan tree was planted on the site of the Kamehameha the Great's first palace by William Owen Smith on April 24, 1873 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of Christian missionaries. Prayers for all affected by this horrendous tragedy.

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