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Luna and her visits

Luna , was the first aircraft to reach the vicinity of the Earth's moon, on January 4, 1959. It zoomed past the moon at a distance of 3,725 after a flight of only 34 hours. Eventually, Luna 1 became the first spacecraft from Earth to go into orbit around our sun.

Fast forward 65 years later, another 'Luna', the human kind, a young mother of five, is on an airplane with her husband and kids. They are headed to Aurora, Colorado from NYC, their first time on an airplane. They had arrived in NYC, by transit from Texas, five months earlier. And they had arrived in Texas after traveling, across countries, by foot, bus and train for four months. The kids are excited and the parents seem timid or scared yet peaceful. All five and a half, as she is six or seven months pregnant, she is not sure. sit in the last row. The children were dressed in oversized clothing and seemed tired. The kids needed help with the seatbelfts and putting the back packs under their seats. The flight attendant gave them children's wings and told them that perhaps they might be Pilots one day. They sat up and squealed with delight with glistening eyes. Then they had snacks, drank and fell asleep. Luna, their mom explained that the average one week wage in Venezuela is five dollars and a piece of meat to feed the family costs five dollars. They could not survive there. Any opposition against the government is dangerous, she explained, as she showed videos of a tanker rolling over the protestors. She wanted better for her children. She was asked if she would do it all again and she said yes. Her husband was excited about starting a new job in construction, the very next day. No matter the uncertainty, she explained, it is better than the certainty that has no future. Wishing all the Luna's, Sol's, Dulce's, Dolores' and Marisol's and their families, successful landings in new towns, filled with growth, health and abundance.

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