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With the legendary Herbie Hancock

Many moons ago, had the pleasure of meeting Maestro and Professor Herbie Hancock at an event in NYC. Years later, while learning and practicing Nichiren Buddhism, I was delighted to discover that Herbie Hancock has been practicing Buddhism for almost all of his adult life. He likes to turn obstacles into opportunities by using the mystical chanting of Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo. When he first heard about Buddhism it sounded like what he always believed in. It was in harmony with how he looked at jazz. Buddhism says that everything that happens is important; every moment, good or bad, is to be accepted as a way to. move your life forward. In that way, you turn poison into medicine. If there is an album running behind schedule; or a gig falls through and money is lost; or a crack addiction in the 90's that he hid from his family; or if he can't learn a classicial piece for a performance; it is all an opportunity for growth. He figured out a way to use all obstacles and challenges to his advantage. The Buddhism philosophy and chanting instilled in him 'the belief that each life is irreplaceable and affirms our collective identity as members of a singular human family. Every individual has a mission that only that person can fulfill. Each mission is a crucial piece of the puzzle of life and this is why we are alive. No one is replacable.' Forever grateful, IM

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