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Bad Timing for the Cookie Monster

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

As a Flight Attendant for many years, I have encountered many crazy, weird and eye opening situations. Moments in flight that I shall never forget, below is one of them. It opened my eyes to the fragility of the human condition, whether over cookies or a life-emotions are real.

During a pre-Covid flight, an elderly guest became upset because her headset was not working properly. She had rung her call button and I went to see how I could assist. She had turned it off right before I reached her seat. I asked if I could help her and she said all is good, her headset had not been working but she got it to work. I had a few bags of cookies in my hand and offered her one, she declined.

Approximately twenty minutes later, a healthy looking, beautiful, five month pregnant momma (like a living doll) came to the back of the plane with tears in her eyes. She had been walking up and down the aisle for about twenty minutes, it was obvious she needed to walk. She told me she was very stressed and I asked why. Her response "water was found on the baby's brain along with more complications." The baby was kicking was kicking in her belly at that moment and she put my hand on her belly to feel the kick. The Dr. offered her a choice of terminating the baby or delivering a severely special baby and she had five days to decide before the cutoff. She wanted the baby and her husband thought it would be a hassle. She said the baby felt so alive and strong during the flight. She was standing crying. I listened and listened and searched the depths of my heart, for the right words to say. I hugged her and then we cried together.

We spoke for a bit longer until headset lady came to the back and said she was extremely offended that I only offered he cookies when she told me her headset was not working. I reminded her that when I got to her seat, the headset was working. She agreed but said she was still offended. I offered her another headset and she declined.

I was not going to write about this because it seems like such a trivial moment in my time. Pregnant lady left a huge impression in my heart. Sometimes, life is not as it appears (as she was glowing and healthy but baby was not. Cookie Monster lady issue was huge to Cookie Monster lady. But in the grand scheme of things, at that precise moment, it just seemed surreal. How could anyone be upset because I offer cookies out of kindness while another is discussing the health and possible demise of her unborn? Life is beautiful and challenging, then we die but if anyone ever offers sweets, I shall gladly accept and be ever so grateful. Cheers!

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