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Outlawed in Europe but considered safe in the USA, Potassium Bromate

Bread has been baked for what feels like forever, using the same basic ingredients - flour, yeast, salt and water. However what many Americans may not know is that some of the breads may also contain ingredients that are banned in many countries including the European Union, Brazil, the UK and Canada. Potassium bromate was first patented for use in baking bread in 1914. It firms up the dough, helps in the rise and gives the finished bread an appealing white color. It also takes the form of white crystals or powder and acts as a maturing agent and a is cheap flour improver. As an oxidizing agent, it plays a major role in the bread making industry. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still labels them as GRAS (generally considered as safe), so they often find their way into the bread aisle in the US bakeries and food markets. The primary concern regarding the use of bromate in baking, is its link to cancer in laboratory animals. In 1982, it was found to induce tumors in rats. Next time your breaking bread with friends, please make sure it is potassium bromate free. Cheers to good health!

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