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59 years ago today....

Fifty nine years ago today a couple married in the bride's hometown of Mexico City. He was a young New Yorker born to Puerto Rican parents and stationed at an Army base near San Antonio, Texas. She was a secretary visiting Texas with two friends for the weekend. they met in a local store as he wandered the aisles with his two buddies as did she.

He returned to the Army and she returned to Mexico City, but they stayed in touch via letters and saw each other three times in three years (at that time, no internet nor Facebook). On the fourth date, they married in a Catholic Church in Mexico City and returned to NYC to live on 135th Street and Broadway with his extended family that had come to New York from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. The bride had never been out of Mexico so it was culture shock. To the groom's Puerto Rican family, she was an oddity as not many Mexicans lived in the City at that time. Their love and commitment grew in many ways, as she became with child after one month of marriage. They eventually moved out of Manhattan to their first home in the Rockaway's, where they had a baby girl. The Rockaway's were too cold for this Mexican and Puerto Rican as their home was one block from the beach, so they decided to move to Astoria. In Astoria, they made many friends that they still keep in touch with to this day. After a few years, they moved to the Bronx where they enrolled their daughter in the Catholic School attended by Justice Sonia Sotomayor and they had a bouncing baby boy. The husband/father worked his way up in the Federal Government where he became a Presidential Appointee. The bride was and still is a supportive wife, great mother and grandmother and friend to many. Today she is the proud and loving grandmother to a lawyer, musician, Shrek expert, up and coming artist and growing boy. I am happy to know them, they are my parents. Wishing them another 59 years and a huge Thank You!! Felicidades!! Mazel Tov!! One love, IM

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