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About, time to pick up your kid

A twelve year old boy was traveling alone on a flight. This was not his first time flying alone he said, as he sat in the last row, window seat. Flight Attendants briefed him and reassured him that if he needed anything, they would be near. Half way through the flight, he nervously stepped into the back galley, The Flight Attendant asked him if all was okay and he said yes. Then he asked her to wait with him until his mother picked him up from the airport. Flight Attendant asked him why, while explaining that an airline representative would be with him. He wanted to know if someone else could pick him up besides his mother who was listed in the paperwork. She confirmed to him that he could only leave the airport with the people authorized to pick him up, in this case his mother. He asked what would happen if nobody picked him up. She reassured him that everything would be okay. Again, he asked her to wait with him while his mother arrived, if she was not there. The last time he was to be picked up, his mother left him waiting for hours and he was scared and crying. He asked the FA to wait with him maybe ten times and she finally agreed. He smiled. The plane landed and all deplaned. Customer Service agent was there to greet him, he still wanted the FA to wait with him. He called his mother after he got his luggage. She said she was entering the airport but there was a lot of traffic. Half hour later he called her again, and she says she is still stuck in traffic. He asked her to send a picture and she sent a picture of traffic with the highway sign reading Yankee Stadium. He said they live near Yankee Stadium , it is approximately one hour away from the airport. Poor kid. Flight Attendant bought him a donut and departed as she had a previous commitment and was operating out of the kindness in her heart. Sometimes, Flight Attendants go above and beyond, not only in the air. Be kind.

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