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Time is so much weirder than it seems

Time is a concept so central to our daily lives. Yet, the closer scientists look at it, the more it seems to fall apart. Time ticks by differently at sea level than it does on a mountaintop. The universe's expansion slows time's passage. "And some scientists think that time might not even be 'real' - or at least not fundamental", says NPR science correspondent Geoff Bramble. He visited the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Denver, Colorado where the atomic clocks are stored. In an atomic clock, the natural oscillations of atoms act like the pendulum in a grandfather clock. However, atomic clocks are far more precise than conventional clocks. Official time keeps us in line. Time and Space are tied together. The stronger the gravitational field, the slower time goes. The universe is expanding from the Big Bang and the expansion is stretching time. Time is real, we live it every day. Thanks for your time!

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