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We love you, Jonathan

On September 1, 2022, Richard Martinez and his three children were on their way to buy pizza, after some time at the park. As they crossed the street in Queens, NY, a car came speeding towards them as it turned a corner. Richard was able to pull two of his children out of the way. The car sped away and did not stop. Five year old Jonathan was taken to the hospital. unfortunately, he did not make it. Jonathon loved singing, dancing and all Spider-man and car toys. His best friends were his siblings. He adored his parents and was so excited about starting school that his parents had his book bag and school supplies ready for his first day of school. His father Richard forgives the driver and pleaded with him to turn himself in. As of this writing, the truck has been found but the driver has not. Mr and Mrs Richard Martinez are young, hard working parents, loved by the community. Please consider donating to the Martinez Family, on the Go Fund Me page, as they arrange for the funeral. We love you Jonathan.

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